Where has all the respect gone?

I was lucky to be bought up in a happy loving family. One of the key things my parents taught me was to respect others.Whether it be a policeman,teacher,shopkeeper,Lollipop man or any other adult they always warranted respect.

I had good role models to follow, but who do children have today? Many come from broken homes with no Father figure. Families do not spend time together like my brothers and I used to with our family. We always ate our meals together up the table, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were not allowed to leave the table until everyone had finished, then had to help clear the table and help wash and wipe up. We watched the television together in the same room and at the weekends spent time together, whether it be watching my dad play cricket, having a picnic, going for a walk or shopping.

Many children do not respect their parents these days, only today I overheard a thirteen year old girl swearing about her bl…. mother in the Supermarket. If parents do not get the respect what chance do other adults have?

Children nowadays look up to pop stars, footballers and movie stars. Just last night Justin Bieber showed total disrespect for his audience by appearing on stage two hours late, with no explanation. Then they watch professional footballers abusing the referee on national television or rolling around feigning injury. Even politicians cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

Bring back the good old days!


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